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How to Survive

The court ordered you to give 42% of your gross income to your ex for the next 12 years. She's living in a nice 3,300 sf. house, while you struggle to pay your 2-bedroom apartment rent. She bought a new car, while you're fixing your 1999 savaged tittle Mazda Protege. You work 50 hours per week, while she takes yoga and zumba classes to alivate her "stressfull" life. You're no longer free to choose your job, to change careers, and start a new life. If you do so, your debt will pile up and the judge will throw you in jail.


How do you deal with that? I'm not sure yet. Still trying to figure it out... However, I think that meeting other people going through similar situations can be helpful. At the very least, we won't feel as isolated in this dreadful situation. In a best case scenario, we may be able to discuss strategies for coping with the reality and court surviving tips.


I'm hoping to be able to start a support group as soon as possible. I will be posting a meetup schedule here.

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